Breathable Membrane

Typically used for clothing fabrics, footwear and others.

Lamination textiles for medical use

Typically used on protection covers for medical mattresses, seat cushions, surgical gowns and others.

PU Hot Melt Film

Typically used for seam tapes, zippers and others.


QPU Membrane

PU material is one kind of environmentallyfriendly material which doesn’t contain plasticizers. It is also a polymer elastomer, which means that is a material similar to rubber and plastic combined.

The advantages of PU are listed below:
1. Impact resistance
2. Flexing resistance
3. Highextensibility
4. High tearing strength
5. Low temperature resistance

Another important feature is that this product is biodegradable, which in effect, can have different kinds of damage caused by environment factors such as sunlight, air and water. It also can be decomposed by nature which in effect, can decrease plastic pollution to our environment.