Breathable Membrane

Typically used for clothing fabrics, footwear and others.

Lamination textiles for medical use

Typically used on protection covers for medical mattresses, seat cushions, surgical gowns and others.

PU Hot Melt Film

Typically used for seam tapes, zippers and others.

PU Hot Melt Film

PU hot melt film is a kind of high adhesion hot melt film. As long as the PU hot melt film stays in a proper temperature, it can bring a great adhesion. And it can also give nylon fiber and polyester fiber for an excellent adhesion. As for different textiles and materials, we can supply suitable size as your request to fulfill your needs. The products can be customized as customers requirements. We also can develop the products to meet your different needs. Typically used for seam tapes, zippers and others. We can achieve your needs and supply the products per your requirements.
Products Finishing Temperature
Low temperature hot melt film 80℃~100℃ with PE
Medium temperature hot melt film 100℃~120℃ with PE
High temperature hot melt film 120℃~140℃ with PE